Our Mission

The West Broadway Neighborhood Association organizes neighbors and businesses on the West Side of Providence to preserve and promote our diverse, historic, urban community as a safe, vibrant, and sustainable place to be SWELL (Shop, Work, Eat, Live, and Learn locally).



Organizational Goals

In partnership with residents, businesses, organizations, and government officials seeking to improve the City of Providence, WBNA works to:

  1. Create and maintain a safe and clean neighborhood
  2. Reflect the demographic diversity of the west side in the organization’s leadership, membership, and participation
  3. Be a powerful voice in the City and State by mobilizing and involving the community and bringing in resources
  4. Preserve the urban and historic fabric, protect our parks, and return trees and green space to our neighborhood
  5. Restore strong neighborhood public schools to the west side
  6. Build the support, trust, and confidence of the neighborhood through transparency, open meetings, outreach, and improved communications
  7. Provide neighbors with an effective forum to solve community problems and catalyze their creativity as a project incubator for neighborhood endeavors, be the replicable model of a neighborhood-wide approach to sustainable and affordable urban living that will inspire others
  8. Strengthen relationships among neighbors to increase mutual understanding and build civic involvement, sense of community, and pride of place
  9. Be the neighborhood resource center through our website, social media, and headquarters building
  10. Generate jobs and maintain economic diversity by nurturing local businesses and sustainable mixed-use development
The WBNA is a Rhode Island non-profit 501c(3) organization corporation that is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors, with two part time employees.