Annual WBNA Awards

Each year WBNA recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses for outstanding service to our west side community and for initiatives and projects that support the mission of the WBNA.

Nominate a neighbor, local business, or an organization or individual that has made a significant contribution to our neighborhood.

About the annual Awards

Each January at our Annual Meeting, WBNA gives awards to those who have gone above and beyond to help support and improve our neighborhood. While not all awards are given every year, the following is a list of some of the awards that are offered.

Certificate of Recognition
This award gives special recognition to an individual or organization that has contributed positively to the neighborhood.

Committee Awards
These awards are given to those who have made contributions or taken actions that support and align with the goals of our committees: Armory Advocacy, Community Development, Green Initiatives, Neighborhood Action, West Side Parks, and West Side Kids.

Municipal Service Award
This award recognizes individuals (or departments in the city or state) who excel at their job and are making a difference in the neighborhood.

Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Award
Rick Rembijas was an exceptional WBNA volunteer. When he passed away in 2009, the WBNA Board voted to name our volunteer award in his memory. This award recognizes individuals or groups that are making a difference in the neighborhood through their volunteerism. 

Local Business Award
Our local businesses are critical to making SWELL (Shop, Work, Eat, Live and Learn locally) possible. This award honors a local business' contribution to the economic vitality of our neighborhood.

Fueling Community Award (formerly Innovation Award)
The Fueling Community Award recognizes individuals or organizations whose actions and initiatives create or "fuel" community, thereby building a sense of connectedness among neighbors.

Elected Official Award
Given to an elected official who has been a champion for the WBNA, its initiatives, and the neighborhood.

Founders Award (formerly Ken and Rebecca Phillips Award)
Infrequently given, our most prestigious award goes to individuals or organizations that have made enormous contributions to the WBNA, the neighborhood, and the city. The contribution must have assisted in bringing the WBNA to a new level as an organization and the contributor must have been a force in Providence, making a long-lasting impact on the city over years of service.

Award Recipients through the years


Annual Meeting location: Providence Hmong Church

  • Neighborhood Action Award: Urban Greens Food Co-op

  • Fueling Community Award: Providence Building, Sanitary & Educational Association (tenants’ association) for Wiggin Village Apartments

  • Certificate of Recognition: Senator Paul V. Jabour

  • Certificate of Recognition: Councilman Bryan Principe

  • Certificate of Recognition: Clark Schoettle

  • Certificate of Recognition: Kim Smith Barnett


Annual Meeting location: Providence Hmong Church

  • Neighborhood Action Award: House of Hope CDC & Armory Citizens Enabling Shelter (ACES)

  • Municipal Service Award: Providence Parks Department (for Bocce and Chess in the Park project)

  • Fueling Community Award: Seth Zeren, Melinda Stylos-Allan, Ben Guglielmi, Peter Van Noppen (for Bocce and Chess in the Park project)

  • Fueling Community Award: Principal Bill Black of West Broadway Middle School


Annual Meeting location: Southside Cultural Center

  • Certificate of Recognition: Southside Cultural Center

  • Municipal Service Award: Craig Hochman and James Caroselli (for Luongo Memorial Square project)

  • Neighborhood Action Award: Zulma Rondon, Andrayan, Cristina, Guido, Honey, Isiaih, Maleek, Natalina, Valentina

  • Fueling Community Award: Lauren and Chris Sanford


Annual Meeting location: All Saints Memorial Church

  • Certificate of Recognition: All Saints Memorial Church

  • Municipal Service Award: Captain Anthony Sauro

  • Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Award: John West

  • Fueling Community Award: Mike Ritz and Elaine Collins

  • Founders Award: Providence Revolving Fund


Annual Meeting location: West Broadway Middle School

  • Neighborhood Action Awards: Ron Medeiros of Quality Stamping, Hillary Adams, Rebecca Murray, Rachel Newman Greene

  • Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Award: Nancy Smith Worthen

  • Local Business Award: Dana Williams, White Buffalo

  • Innovation Awards: West Side Play Space and Inspiring Minds


Annual Meeting location: Columbus Theatre

  • Culture Award: The Columbus Cooperative

  • Municipal Service Award: Ed Butler, DOA, for CSA

  • Local Business Awards: Monster Entertainment and Narragansett Brewing Company

  • Broadway Transformation Award: Drake Patten, Cluck!

  • Westminster Transformation Award: Jon Ozbek, West Side Diner Restoration

  • Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Award: 30th Anniversary Planning Committee led by Joe Roch and Julie Van Noppen

  • Centennial Awards: Virginia & Spanish Peanut Company and Church of St. Mary


Annual Meeting location: West Broadway Middle School

  • Community Development Awards: Mark Liberati and United Way

  • Neighborhood Action Award: Linda Caldarone of the Attorney General's Office

  • Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Award: Frank Mullin (with an All Volunteer Appreciation toast)

  • Local Business Awards: Heritage Restoration, Julians, and Elevated Spirits

  • Elected Official Award: Senator Paul V. Jabour


Annual Meeting location: Providence Hmong Church

  • Neighborhood Action Award: Joshua Gigantino, Crime Watch in the Column

  • Municipal Service Award: Lieutenant Luis San Lucas

  • Volunteer staff with committee recommendations: Bodnar Family

  • Local Business Award: John Richard, The Avery


Annual Meeting location: Bell Street Chapel

  • Community Development Awards: KITE Architects and Barbara Sokoloff Associates

  • Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Award: Joe Belanger

  • Local Business Award: Hudson Street Delicatessen

  • John J. Lombardi: In appreciation of 26 years of public service to the neighborhood

  • Steven M. Costantino: In appreciation of 16 years of public service to the neighborhood

  • Josephine DiRuzzo: In appreciation of 28 years of public service to the neighborhood

  • Ken and Rebecca Phillips Award: The Armory Revival Company


Annual Meeting location: Providence Career and Technical Academy

  • Neighborhood Action Award: West Side Tree Planters Tod Damon, David Udris, and Christopher Utter

  • Municipal Service Award: Yvonne Graf

  • Rick Rembijas Outstanding Volunteer Awards: Alex Smith Bourget, Shery Principe, and Kathleen Rehder

  • Local Business Awards: Mike Sears, E&O Tap, and Seven Stars Bakery

  • Elected Official Award: Senator Paul V. Jabour


Annual Meeting location: Public Safety Complex

  • Neighborhood Action Awards: Greater Knight Street Neighbors (Gas Meter Initiative) and Neighbors for Neighborhood Design

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Vinny Bucci

  • Local Business Award: Loie Fuller’s

  • Ken and Rebecca Phillips Award: Filomena Lupo


Annual Meeting location: Central High School

  • Neighborhood Action Award: Save Our Schools Coalition

  • Municipal Service Award: Mayor David Cicilline

  • State Service Award: Robert Brunelle

  • Outstanding Volunteer Awards: Chris Good & Robyn Ericsson, William Atwater and Wil Yoder

  • Local Business Award: Classic Café


Annual Meeting location: Phoenix Dragon

  • Municipal Service Award: Francisco Ramirez

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Baruch Sachs

  • Local Business Awards: Nicks on Broadway and Citizens Bank

  • Elected Official Award: Representative Anastasia Williams


Annual Meeting location: Public Safety Complex

  • Community Service Award: West Side Arts

  • Special Recognition Awards for Adaptive Re-Use and Community Development Project: West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation for Westfield Lofts (former Rau Fastner building), and The Armory Revival Company for Pearl Street Lofts

  • Preservation/Improvement Award: Dr. Cervone

  • Municipal Service Awards: City of Providence Department of Art, Culture and Tourism for Neighborhood Performing Arts Initiative

  • Non-Profit Business Award: Partnership for Creative Industrial Space

  • Ken and Rebecca Philips Award: Deming Sherman


Annual Meeting location: Cranston Street Armory

  • Community Service Awards: Gerry Collins, and Laura Mullen of Pinpoint Studio

  • Advocate Award: Mark Liberati of Liberati and Peretti LLP

  • Local Business Awards: Parade Street Farmer’s Market, and Joann Seddon for the Decatur Lounge

  • Elected Official Award: Representative Steven Costantino


Annual Meeting location: Design House

  • Community Service Awards: Kari Zeigler and Linda Carlson

  • Public Servant Awards: Lieutenant Anthony Sauro, Patrolman Janis Noel, and Patrolman Chris Owens

  • Local Business Award: West Seven Merchants Association

  • Special Recognition Awards: Adler’s Hardware and Gasbarro’s Liquor for Outstanding Contribution to Revitalization


Annual Meeting location: Najarians

  • Community Service Awards: Vinny Bucci, Paul Caswell, and Grant Dahlgreen

  • Public Servant Awards: James Baum, Linda Caldarone, Steve Dambruch, and Bill Ferguson

  • Local Business Award: White Electric Coffee

  • Special Recognition Award: Columbus Theatre

  • Ken and Rebecca Philips Awards: Peter Bramante, Janet Keller, and Gerry Roy



  • Municipal Service Award: Jon Ozbek, Principal Planner, Department of Planning and Development

  • Outstanding Volunteer Awards: Tacey Hellewell for Kids Activity Day, and Margaret Richmond & Maria for Girl Scouts at the WBNA

  • Local Business Award: Armando Nievez, Armando’s Meat Market

  • Elected Official Award: Senator Frank Caprio


  • Municipal Service Award: Bob McMahon et al on parks team

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Joyce and Roland Landry, participation, help, bulk mailings

  • Outstanding Volunteer Awards: Judy Wood, Meg Denton, Cyd McKenna, Andrea Sims, and Tony Silva for playground rebuild committee work

  • Local Business Award: Jephry’s Floral Studio

  • Elected Official Award: John J. Lombardi


  • Municipal Service Award: Joe Elliot

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Gerry Roy

  • Local Business Award: Chris and John Tavanian

  • Elected Official Award: Joan DiRuzzo

  • Ken and Rebecca Phillips Award: Nancy Courtney & Jim Quinn, Hudson Street Market


  • Susie Prouty for monthly youth activity program and continued work for youth through festival

  • Julie Van Noppen for West End Festival

  • Martina Windels for Armory Bash (special event fund raising for WBNA single handedly)

  • Fleet Bank for calendar

  • Tom Zincone and Rick Piccirillo, Community Police for quality of life issues

  • Carrie Marsh excellent leader, terrific, grant writer, Armory

  • Chris Good, excellent leader, long time, spokesperson

  • Thom Deller, support

  • Bell Street Chapel for hosting us for 15 years and for continuing partnership

  • Tony and Nancy Freitas of JKL Engineering for their leadership role in the reuse of vacant and decrepit buildings into commercial, viable spaces that follow the vision for Westminster Street

  • Elected Official Awards: John Lombardi for his advocacy, availability and bond funds; Steven Costantino for going above and beyond for the Armory

  • Ken and Rebecca Phillips for their service to the community and WBNA


  • Sally Spadaro, State of RI for help with Armory

  • Tony and Nancy Freitas for redevelopment of Westminster Street property

  • Christian Stolte for pro bono graphics

  • Kristen Kiley for pro bono graphics

  • Keith Lescarbeau for gas station renovation above call of duty

  • Julian’s restaurant for new business in neighborhood


  • Lesley Urgo and John Campanini, Trees

  • Rosemary Milburn and Andy Barrett, 27 Sycamore Street restoration

  • Glen Buie and Virginia Branch, WBNA Headquarters

  • Ann Hill, long time service and efforts for community

  • Cool Cats Café, business

  • PPS Revolving Fund, loan, technical and housing, preservation efforts in this community