Community One|Uno Comunidad

Purpose: To work as a community to maintain diversity and prevent socioeconomic displacement in our neighborhood by providing a forum for sharing information, connecting neighbors, promoting activities, and fostering civic involvement.

Upcoming events

Community One / Uno Comunidad Committee meets as part of WBNA Neighborhood Nights on the first Tuesday of each month at West Broadway Middle School on Bainbridge Avenue. The meetings run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The C1C breakout session will be from 7:00 to 8:00 following the general meeting. Child care, food and translation services will be provided.




We are a volunteer committee striving to make our neighborhood a better place to live for all through a social justice first approach. Membership is not required and our meetings are open to everyone residing in or working in the West End Neighborhood.

We are responsive to our community’s needs through the relationships we build with our neighbors, neighborhood businesses and community organizations throughout Providence.

Started in 2017, we operate as a conduit to inform and empower our neighbors. Following the Spectrum of Prevention described by Dr Palermo in a presentation he gave on August 17, 2017, we are focusing our initial efforts on community education and empowering individuals.

The Spectrum of Prevention

OUR Current focus

  • Organize bilingual presentations by experts in our community
  • Maintain a google group and this web site
  • Share information on events and opportunities to collaborate with other neighborhood organizations on issues
  • Offer an opportunity for neighbors to bring forth their concerns and problems, and provide direction and connect them to resources for further investigation of these issues.


Committee Chairs

Joann Ayuso and David Stuebe