Programs and Events

Purpose: To host programs and events that support and strengthen relationships between West Side neighbors.

Upcoming events

Programs and Events Committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month, 6-8pm, during WBNA Neighborhood Night at West Broadway Middle School, 29 Bainbridge Avenue, Providence. No meetings in November or December.

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  • To plan high quality events that build the West Side’s sense of community and to raise funds to support the work of the WBNA

  • To coordinate resources (sponsorships, in-kind contributions, volunteers, etc.) that can be shared across functions throughout the year


2018 Programs & Events

WBNA Annual Meeting ~ Tues, January 23

Neighborhood Nights: WBNA General Meeting & All Committee Meetings ~ Feb 6, Mar 5, Apr 3, May 1, Jun 5, Sept 11, Oct 2, Nov 13 & Dec 4

Annual Conversation Series (at Neighborhood Nights):

  • Town Hall with Elected Officials (Mon, Mar 5)
  • About our Parks and Public Infrastructure (Tues, Apr 3)
  • Candidates Night (Tues, Sept 11 & Tues, Oct 2)
  • About West Side Public Schools (Tues, Dec 4)

Spring Clean-Up & BBQ ~ Sat, April 21

Neighborhood Wide Yard Sale ~ Sat, May 19

West Side Thursday Concerts ~ July 12, 19 & 26

House Tour Preview Party ~ Fri, October 5

House Tour ~ Sat, October 6

Trick or Treat on Dexter Street ~ Sat, October 27

West Side Caroling ~ Sun, December 23



  • Engage new members of the neighborhood and expand relationships with current neighbors
  • Enthuse and inspire neighbors with programs and events like the West Side Yard Sale, Summer Concert and Neighbor Day
  • Develop a new event that further supports the West Side as a great place to live
  • Encourage leadership within the committee
  • Continue to cultivate relationships with neighborhood sponsors to support programs and events for the year

committee chairs

Nathaniel Gill and Melissa Riley