West Side Kids

Purpose: To help our neighborhood be a great environment for kids to grow up and for parents to raise children that are happy, healthy, and successful. This includes an emphasis on our local public schools.  

Upcoming events

West Side Kids Committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month, 6-8pm, during WBNA Neighborhood Night at West Broadway Middle School, 29 Bainbridge Avenue, Providence. No meetings in July or August.

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Strengthen and support the reputation of the West Side as a good place to raise children. The committee will discuss and implement ways to promote the neighborhood for the sake of encouraging young families to consider moving to or staying on the West Side as they have children.


  • Continue to develop strong and consistent lines of communication between the neighborhood public schools and the WBNA. Our neighborhood elementary and middle schools are Asa Messer Elementary School, Carl Lauro Elementary School and West Broadway Middle School.
  • Coordinate with other programs and committees within the WBNA to help provide kid friendly options when appropriate.  This objective includes championing West Side Play Space, partnering with the West Side Parks Committee in regards to playground conditions, and helping to provide kid-friendly activities at larger WBNA events like the Block Party.
  • Develop and explore long term objectives for the West Side Kids Committee that include improvements at Ellery Park, the development of extra curricular support for neighborhood schools and the creation of kid-focused events for the WBNA.
  • Continue to broaden committee membership to represent a broad age spectrum of children and to include educators from local schools.

Committee chairs

Caleb Borchers and Arleney Sanchez