Community Gardens

The Bridgham and Park View Community Gardens bring neighbors together to share the benefits of organic gardening for a healthier community. Our gardens help create a sense of community ownership and stewardship, foster neighborhood identity and spirit, and enjoy a diverse membership.


Bridgham Community Garden was WBNA's first. This lot at 180 Bridgham Street had been vacant and derelict, and was purchased by WBNA from the Providence Redevelopment Agency in 2005. WBNA attained grants from Dexter Donation and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund to build garden beds, and, through a partnership with YouthBuild Providence, created 24 garden plots at Brigham Community Garden.

The garden also received support from Quality Stamping, a neighboring business and property owner to 180 Bridgham, which helps provide water to the gardens. Ron Medeiros of Quality Stamping was given a Neighborhood Action Award in 2015 for his support.

In 2015, Bridgham garden co-chairs were awarded a New England Grassroots Environment Fund grant to purchase a 500-gallon water tank and new tools for the garden such as a new hose, hose attachments, and wheelbarrow – all of which are available to gardeners.

Park View Community Gardens emerged from a partnership between WBNA and Park View Nursing Home at 31 Parade Street in 2011. As part of a KaBOOM grant to rebuild Dexter Training Ground's playground, 6 raised beds were built on the grounds of Park View Nursing Home. Neighbors came together to build these beds and, today, four plots are available to WBNA members while two of the plots are used by the nursing home for produce used in its kitchen.

The Gardens have improved the grounds of the nursing home while providing the facility an opportunity to grow vegetables for its residents. In 2015 WBNA was awarded a grant from New England Grassroots Environment Fund to install a fence which improved accessibility to the garden.

how it workS

Bridgham Community Garden has 24 raised organic beds available to WBNA members (with subsidized beds offered to qualified applicants); Park View Community Garden has 6 raised organic beds with four available to WBNA members. Plots are available to rent for the planting season for $35, and are available on a first come, first served basis. Returning gardeners have the option of using the same garden plot year after year. Yearly plot fee includes access to water.

Each garden has a garden co-chair. Co-chairs help manage communication of garden events and clean-up days. During the height of the season, a Garden Give Away Day is organized where gardeners share excess produce with neighbors for free while educating neighbors about the garden and encouraging them to join the following year.

Gardeners must be current WBNA members, reside within the focus area of the WBNA, and sign a garden contract that includes participation in seasonal cleanups and maintenance of the plots and common areas of the community garden.

For more information or to inquire about available plots, please contact WBNA.


  • Create safe spaces for community interaction and fun across all ages, cultures and incomes

  • Facilitate best practices by sharing extra produce with the community at large

  • Create local sustainable food sources for area residents

  • Engage and educate the public on environment, stewardship, diversity

  • Make garden resources available to all residents