West Side Compost Program

The West Side Compost Program was created with community partners to help divert organic food waste from the landfill and turn it into an essential ingredient of organic farming and gardening.


In July of 2013 the City of Providence, with South Side Community Land Trust and the owner of Front Step Farm, Nathaniel Wood, launched an enthusiatically-received pilot compost program for West Side residents. 

The original pilot program involved twenty-five participants (the project's maximum capacity) who met at Front Step Farm for an initial demonstration and tutorial on the Do's and Don'ts of the program. The tutorial included the basics of composting (what are browns, what are greens) and the importance and positive environmental impact of keeping reusable waste out of landfills.

In 2014 the City expanded the program to include up to 40 participants for the West Side Compost Program which WBNA nearly filled to capacity again. Unfortunately, at the end of 2015 the City could no longer fund the project and the program was suspended.

In 2016 neighbor and co-owner of the The Compost Plant, Leo Pollock, stepped in to help WBNA bring back the West Side Compost Program to neighbors at no charge. WBNA appreciates the work and charitable partnership of this eco-friendly and neighbor-friendly business.

Among its services, The Compost Plant offers a compost and raised bed mix delivery service. Please consider supporting a local business and WBNA partner this growing season by ordering your garden soil and amendments through The Compost Plant. WBNA members enjoy a 10% discount.



  • Divert as much organic waste from the landfill as possible
  • Provide apartment dwellers and other west side residents a means for composting their food waste
  • Raise awareness of the positive impacts that composting can have on the environment and on our local waste handling resources


how it workS

The Compost Program is open to West Side residents. We strongly encourage participants to also be WBNA members so we can continue to bring programs like this to our community. Enrollment in the program is free of charge.

Each participant receives 2 odor/critter proof buckets (1 gallon and 5 gallon) for residential use. We encourage the re-use of buckets from previous years of this program if you have them.

The Compost Plant, our partner in the West Side Compost Program, provides 64 gallon yellow compost collection bins starting April 4, 2016. These large yellow bins are located in the same locations as previous years: WBNA Headquarters (1560 Westminster Street) and 20 Almy Street. The Compost Plant picks up collection bins once a week and brings them back rinsed and clean.

As part of enrollment in the West Side Compost Program, participants must keep track of weekly drop off amounts. This data is used to calculate how much organic waste is diverted from the landfill, and will help WBNA secure funding for future expansion of the program. Participants also sign a Memorandum of Understanding indicating their commitment to the program and its goals.

To inquire about enrolling in the Compost Program, please contact WBNA.

Memorandum of Understanding – 2016 WBNA Compost Program
2016 Yes and No of West Side Composting