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Programs and Events Committee Meeting

The Program and Events Committee will continue its planning of the WBNA's annual Neighborhood Wide Yard Sale and of the Summer Concert event.

If interested in attending, please contact Amanda for current meeting location.

1)  Reminder: Spring Clean-Up & BBQ (Sat, April 23, 8:30am-noon)
2) Neighborhood Wide Yard Sale (May 21, 8:30-1pm)
          2 volunteer shifts are filled (7:30-9:30am open)
          Poster Printing/Distribution
          "Get on the Map" Discussion
          Next Steps
3)  Summer Concert
         Grant application sent!
         We have three confirmations of band interest
         We have a sound engineer confirmed
         The panel should be making awards late April
         Next steps
4)  Other business
         Should there be other things we’re considering with Programs and Events this year or next?

NEXT MEETING (tentative): June 8th at 7pm