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West Side Kids Committee Meeting

Please join us for our April meeting via Google Hangouts! To help accommodate committee members with young children, the West Side Kids Committee is giving neighbors the option to join the meeting remotely. April's meeting is focused on discussion of the Kids Zone at the Spring Cleanup and how to take first steps on school YouTube videos. 

If interested in attending, please contact Caleb for a Google Hangout invite so you can sign on and join the discussion, or to let him know you'd like to come in person so he can give you location details.


8:30pm   Welcome & Introductions
8:35pm   Kids Zone at the Spring Cleanup (Apr 22)
9:00pm   First steps to making school YouTube videos
9:25pm   Other discussion
9:45pm   Adjourn


Monday, May 1, at 8:30pm via Google Hangouts or in person. Contact Caleb for more information.