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Armory Advocacy Committee Meeting

Please join us for our second Armory Advocacy Committee Meeting where we will discuss regular tours of the Armory, Armory swag and merchandise to raise awareness and funds, and upcoming events including Armory Conversation, farmers markets and PVD Fest.

The purpose of the Armory Advocacy Committee is to advocate for the preservation and reuse of the Cranston Street Armory – a nationally recognized, state owned civic building – as a public private partnership that would benefit the diverse west side community, the City of Providence and the entire state of Rhode Island.


6:00pm   Welcome & Introductions

6:05pm   Outstanding questions and concerns from April meeting

6:20pm   Armory tours

6:40pm   Upcoming events: armory conversation (May 10), farmers markets (starting in May), PVD Fest (June 4) 

7:10pm   Armory swag/collateral/merchandise: Occasional Nuggets, posters, pins, stickers, Armory Ale, etc.

7:30pm   Adjourn

Minutes from last month's (April) meeting can be found here.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, June 7, at 6pm