The WBNA has been working with neighbors & businesses for over 30 years to make the West Side a safe, vibrant, and sustainable place to live, work, and play. Get on board by becoming a WBNA member!

Become a member

Meetings on what’s happening in your neighborhood

  • WBNA Annual Meeting at a fun neighborhood location
  • Quarterly General Meetings on a variety of neighborhood topics.  Date, time, and location posted on
  • Neighborhood Action Crime Watch Committee meetings held every month
  • Community Development Committee meetings held every other month
  • Regular committee meetings including:  Communications, Events, Friends of Dexter Training Ground, Green Initiatives, House Tour/Membership, West Side Kids.

Annual events that connect neighbors


Neighborhood Advocacy, Improvements, and Maintenance

  • Continuous advocacy: work with neighbors when they have concerns and ideas
  • Notification of issues and legislation that may affect you and your home or business
  • Access to city officials to cite and correct problems quickly
  • Neighborhood development project reviews
  • Friends of Dexter Training Ground: supports the maintenance of our park and playground
  • Assistance with graffiti removal
  • Advocate for walkable quality neighborhood public schools on the West Side
  • Grant writing for neighborhood improvements (playground, streetscapes, trees, etc.)
  • The WBNA has helped to implement laws and policies that expand and protect neighbor rights.  In recent years, this has led to legislation that prevents placement of gas meters on historic and non-historic properties & implementation of the City’s largest On-Street Overnight Permit Parking Pilot program!