UPDATE: 17 Hudson Street

Councilman Bryan Principe, District 4 Police Commander Lt. Fernandes and Assistant City Solicitor Noah Kilroy and others city officials on the Nuisance Task Force (NTF) met with the homeowner of 17 Hudson Street  on October 1, and will be taking the following steps: 

  • The owner was put on notice that her house would be stickered, and any subsequent nuisance activity would necessitate a $500 fine each time the police are called to her property.    

  • The owner was put on notice that there will be a site-visit conducted by the city at 17 Hudson Street within the next two weeks. 

  • The owner of 17 Hudson St will appear again within two weeks for a reassessment of the activity at 17 Hudson St.  

The WBNA thanks the 65+ neighbors who attended the Neighborhood Action Crime Watch meeting on September 29 and the 12 neighbors who took the time to write letters of concern about this property (with only one day notice).  Also, thanks to Emily Foster, the notary who notarized the letters at the meeting and to these attendees:

--All of the past WBNA Crime Watch chairs from previous years

--Lt. Fernandes, Providence Police District 4 Commander

--Lt. Desautels,, Providence Police Gang Unit/Task Force and his team

--State Representative, John J. Lombardi
This is neighborhood action at its best and your participation made an impact on the case presented at the Oct. 1 meeting.

 Noah Kilroy and Sean Creegan from the City Solicitors Office and the Nuisance Task Force will be at the Tuesday, October  27 NACW Meeting at 7:00PM (WBNA Headquarters)  to help answer anymore questions.
IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS:  Neighbors wanted to know the phone numbers for the police and for city hall neighborhood services.  WBNA has listed them on our website for your convenience.