Help West Side families in need

On Thursday, November 12 two West Side homes were destroyed during a fire. Fortunately, according to the Providence Journal, all 25 residents were able to escape. Unfortunately, most of their belongings were lost. West Side neighbor, Lauren Sanford, is organizing a clothing drive to help the families through this difficult time.

Lauren is in the process of gathering information about what is needed and how best to help the families. We will be updating this post with more details as arrangements are made. In the meantime, we know that the following items are needed.


  • Boy (4th gr at Asa Messer): size 12 shirts and pants, size 6 1/2 shoes, backpack and school items, pjs
  • Boy (5 yr old): size 5/6 clothes, shoes size 12
  • Teen Boy (student at Central high): pants waist 30/ length 30, men's small shirts, size 8 men's shoes, backpack and school items
  • Girl (2nd gr at Asa Messer): size 8/ 9 clothes, size 7 kids shoes, pj's, backpack and school items
  • Girl (5th gr at W. Broadway): Size 16 clothes, pj's, backpack and school items, size 9.5 womens shoes


  • Male: waist 30/ length 31 pants, size 7 shoe, men's medium shirt
  • Female: Ladies size 8 pants, size 6 shoes, size m shirts
  • Female: Ladies size 10/12 pants, size 6 shoes, size m/l shirts

They may also need cold weather clothing, toiletries and undergarments.

If you are able to give any of the above items or have any questions about how you can help, please contact Lauren Sanford at