West Side Parks Inspection Results

WBNA's West Side Parks Committee conducted its first 2016 parks inspection at Dexter Training Ground during the committee's May meeting. This inspection is part of an ongoing WBNA initiative to help facilitate upkeep and maintenance of our west side parks through direct stewardship and collaboration with the Providence Parks Department. 

Last year WBNA, City of Providence Parks Department and Councilman Bryan Principe conducted an inspection of Dexter Training Ground with the goal that it would be the start of more consistent monitoring and maintenance of our parks through a formalized stewardship model.

The model looks like this: WBNA and neighbors are the eyes on the parks, report issues to the Parks Department and then work with the City to remedy the issues identified. The West Side Parks Committee aims to conduct parks inspections twice a year (spring and fall) at Dexter Training Ground, Major (Ellery) Park, Franciscan (Bell Street) Park, Mansion Park, and Ridge Street Park.

As part of this initiative WBNA would like to foster and support "Friends Groups" for each of the parks. If you are interested in being part of the West Side Parks Committee and/or of a Friends Group for any of the above parks, please contact wbna@wbna.org.

With nearly 100 city parks to manage, the Providence Parks Department can find itself limited in resources. With help from neighbors and the community, these resources can be expanded and neighbors can have a stronger voice in what they want for their neighborhood parks.

Summary: Dexter Training Ground Inspection 2016

Some notes are made in comparison to inspection report from 2015 – full reports available below.

  • Playground Spinner and toddler steps needs repair – UPDATE: Spinner is fixed thanks to the City's PVD311 app!
  • Red climber step and toddler slide have been fixed!
  • Toddler area needs additional equipment
  • Toddler rocking horse needs replacing
  • Big swings need paint & root needs to be removed under swings
  • New mulch needs to be placed throughout playground area and stone dust in bench area
  • Benches in playground area need repair
  • Replace tree near baseball field that was hit by car
  • Reseed and fill holes in baseball field and near Hmong Church
  • Adult equipment: cycle does not lock, wobble board needs tightening, weighted squat needs replacement, stone dust needs replacement under equipment
  • Redistribute trash cans throughout park
  • Playground lights not working, decorative light panels are missing and decorative light near Hmong Church needs replacement
  • Bulletin board needs repainting
  • Possible to get yellow signs placed in crosswalks around park to help mitigate speeding?

PVD311 Used at Inspection with Positive Results

A neighbor who participated in the Dexter Training Ground Inspection utilized the City of Providence's new PVD311 app on his mobile phone to report several of the issues identified during the inspection. Within 2 weeks of reporting via the app, the Playground Spinner and several trash cans were repaired. Many thanks to the City for its attention.

The PVD311 app is available for all citizens to use for reporting issues throughout the City that need addressing. The app can be downloaded through iTunes or GooglePlay and is available for both iPhone and Android devices. To learn more about these new services, check out PVD311 and the Mayor's Center for City Services.


Dexter Training Ground Inspection Report – May 2016
Dexter Training Ground Inspection Report – May 2015