Being Neighborly Matters

Please join with neighbors to support our community-building work by becoming a 2017 member today.

A Message to Neighbors

We don't often think of neighborliness as a means to change the world. But here at the WBNA we believe that knowing and caring for our neighbors in a spirit of equity, inclusiveness and human kindness can go far to lay the foundation for a better world.

We know as well as you, our neighbor, that small acts can improve the quality of life for an entire community. Whether it is piloting a rodent-deterring trash can program, renovating a derelict property into affordable housing, supporting our neighborhood schools, or advocating for our parks and playgrounds, working together as neighbors is powerful and can create a better life for us all.

But we haven’t always reached all of our neighbors, and we’d like that to change. 2017 marks the launch of a new WBNA initiative called One West Side that explicitly aims to connect with and get to know neighbors in all pockets of our focus area and to welcome all neighbors to be part of the WBNA.

One West Side will help us reach one of our most important goals: to represent the demographic diversity of the west side in WBNA’s leadership, membership, and participation. We are thrilled to be making progress toward this goal in that our 2017 Board of Directors will be the most diverse in our history.

We also look forward to creating our One West Side Committee that will address challenges of inclusiveness, affordability, gentrification, equity and equality in the neighborhood. [Editor's note: this committee is now called Community/Comunidad 1 and meets regularly – please check events for next meeting date.]

We ask that you join us in supporting One West Side and all of the programs, events and advocacy work that we do to make our little part of the world a better and more livable place for all.

Please see our list of 2017 Member Benefits below. Thank you for being a good neighbor!

List of 2017 Member Benefits