ACTION NEEDED TODAY to Preserve Armory Funding

*  Impact today's state budget vote – June 15, 2018  *


  • Call Speaker of the House, Representative Nicholas A. Mattiello, at (401) 222-2466
  • Tell the office staff person who answers the phone the following:
    • You want Speaker Mattiello to know your position on a particular budget item that will be voted on today, and would like to leave a message for him
    • Your name and address
    • THIS MESSAGE: Please tell Speaker Mattiello to restore the full $1.1 million in funding to the Cranston Street Armory in the House budget that will be voted on today

THAT'S IT! State House office staff is accustomed and ready to take calls from citizens wishing to express their views on an issue or bill, so it will be a quick and painless process!

At this late hour, it may be best to call, but you can also email this message to Speaker Mattiello at If you email, please CC


Just two short weeks ago, Senator Paul V. Jabour and Senator William J. Conley, Jr, Chairman of Senate Committee on Finance, secured $1.1 million in the state budget for the Cranston Street Armory (learn more here). But, just moments before today's important state budget vote, the House has slashed this amount by more than half to just $500,000, leaving the Armory's ongoing repairs even more underfunded. 

Representative Anastasia Williams is fighting to restore the amount to $1.1 million in the House BEFORE today's vote, but needs our help! Please call or email House Speaker Nicholas A. Mattiello and ask him to restore funding. The budget vote is TODAY so make haste to give VOICE.

Neighbors, THANK YOU!