Armory: Upcoming Public Meeting with Consultants

Cranston Street Armory (southwest view) from a Library of Congress collection taken by Jack E. Boucher, legendary architectural photographer at the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)

At our June Neighborhood Nights general meeting, Director Carole Cornelison of RI's Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) gave a presentation on the status of the Cranston Street Armory to more than 75 neighbors.

While WBNA is grateful for this presentation, our goal had been to have a broader meeting that would include Utile – the consultants that DCAMM had hired last year to determine viable re-use options for the Armory – to update the public on exciting progress that is being made as well as next steps, and to communicate how and when the public will be involved in the re-use planning process.

Over the last two months, WBNA has been working with the state to make this larger public meeting happen that will include Utile, Ms. Cornelison, and her team. This meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 17, with a location to be announced as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

WBNA is also happy to report that, since our June public meeting, regular meetings of the state's Cranston Street Armory Steering Committee – which includes WBNA's Executive Director Kari Lang and other community stakeholders – have resumed.

We acknowledge and thank Director Cornelison for her continued commitment to this important building, which has gotten more attention under her leadership and watch than it has in many years.