Resources for Neighborhood Affordability
The cost of living is incredibly complicated. There are lots of organizations in Providence to help.

The WBNA can help you find the support you need!

Housing Choice Vouchers

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) manages the Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8) for the city of providence. You can apply to receive voucher support on the website or call (401) 751-6400 for assistance.

We strongly encourage landlords to support the program by accepting Housing Choice Vouchers. To find out more checkout the PHA website. You can email Peter Asen if you have questions.

Utility Bills & Termination

Rhode Island has programs to help with utility bills. If you are facing utility shut off you may be able to get help at the George Wiley Center (401)-728-5555.

Tenant & Homeowner Association

The DARE Tenant and Homeowner Association (401)-351-6960 works in collaboration with the Center for Justice to provide assistance and legal council for folks facing foreclosure, eviction and unsafe housing conditions.