West Side Parks Committee

Purpose: To support West Side parks through advocacy and resource development, and foster stewardship through community outreach and park events.

Upcoming events

West Side Parks Committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month, 6-8pm, during WBNA Neighborhood Night at West Broadway Middle School, 29 Bainbridge Avenue, Providence.


COMMITTEE Objectives

  • Coordinate activities that encourage neighbor stewardship of parks, connect park users to each other, and foster “Friends of” groups for Dexter Training Ground, Major (Ellery) Park, Franciscan (Bell Street) Park, Mansion Park, and Ridge Street Park
  • Provide a forum for neighborhood concerns about parks, help to address issues that arise at our parks, and be a “sounding board” for park events and activities
  • Act as a liaison between our parks and the City of Providence Parks Department


  • Broaden committee membership to include a representative for each park: Dexter Training Ground, Major (Ellery), Franciscan (Bell Street), Mansion Park, Ridge Street
  • Explore and seek resources for park maintenance and improvements (benches, grass seed, playground equipment, trash vessels/recycling bins)
  • Conduct a West Side parks inspection two times a year (Spring and Fall 2016)
  • Create interactive West Side parks map for wbna.org with a legend that explains basic amenities of each park
  • Utilize garden spaces at Dexter Training Ground, organize garden activities, and host tree mulching event (Spring 2016)
  • Create calendar of events at parks (possibly Google calendar)
  • Gather neighborhood input for park amenities (bocce court, dog park)
  • Determine sports and fitness requirements for the neighborhood

Committee CO-chairS

Ben Guglielmi and Patrick McEvoy