Armory Advocacy

Purpose: To preserve and reuse the Cranston Street Armory – a nationally recognized, state owned civic building – as a public private partnership that would benefit the diverse west side community, the City of Providence and the entire state of Rhode Island.

Upcoming events

Armory Advocacy Committee meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at WBNA HQ (1560 Westminster, Providence). Contact WBNA for more information.

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  • Be a “watchdog” for the Armory, pursue avenues for its preservation, become a trusted source of information and an effective communicator about its status, and meet with stakeholders across the state with the intent of finding a sustainable and sensitive re-use for this historic and iconic neighborhood landmark.


  • Work with the Department of Administration to:
    • Encourage an investment of $3 million a year each year going forward towards the building’s exterior renovation needs
    • Get cost estimates on interior needs to enable regular use of the building, beginning with Drill Hall and ballroom, and assist in securing funds for this interior work
    • Make the building available for short-term lease through a license agreement
    • Assemble a working group that includes a team of nationally and locally respected professionals to engage in a community process of finding and facilitating a viable re-use of the building
  • Pursue avenues for the building’s preservation such as nominating the building for National Landmark Status and the Save America’s Treasures program
  • Explore new opportunities, respond to emerging challenges and obstacles and adjust advocacy approach accordingly
  • Create and implement a communications plan that reaches and engages a variety of stakeholders
  • Ensure that sensitive historic preservation measures are employed in all aspects of the building's renovation and repair
  • Look towards the most innovative green and renewable energy strategies that are compatible with preservation when upgrading HVAC systems and undertaking renovation in the Armory
  • Encourage broad-range thinking about reuse that takes into account the vastness of the building and its natural partitioning into four areas: two head houses, drill hall, and basement
  • Further explore general reuse themes that are frequently mentioned such as Art, Athletic, Archives, Convention & Events, School, Business Incubator, Food and Flea Market


Jenica Reed Conley