Cooking Oil Recycling Program

WBNA's Cooking Oil Recycling Program is a partnership with Newport Biodiesel that helps turn cooking waste oil into clean burning fuel for heating homes and powering vehicles.

How It Works

WBNA has teamed up with Newport Biodiesel to host a Cooking Oil Recycling Program. Biodiesel is a non-toxic, renewable, locally produced fuel that can be used in any diesel engine or oil furnace.

Anyone with waste vegetable oil can drop it off in our special blue oil barrel located outside of WBNA Headquarters, to the left of the building. ONLY VEGETABLE OIL can be recycled – NO lard or other animal-based cooking products. Drop offs can be made at anytime. Please wait for your oil to cool before pouring it into the barrel.

Newport Diesel produces 1.5 million gallons of biodiesel per year from local waste vegetable oil, which prevents over 30 million pounds of CO2 emissions from polluting the environment.

The Cooking Oil Recycling Program is a project of the WBNA Green Initiatives Committee in partnership with Newport Biodiesel.


  • Divert organic waste from the landfill

  • Provide west side residents a means for recycling their waste cooking oil

  • Raise awareness of the positive impacts that citizens can have on the environment by recycling their cooking oil, and of the benefits of biodiesel as a viable alternative to some petroleum-based fuels.